I've included drawings for some of the parts I made. Hopefully, these will give you a big head start if you decide to fabricate things in the same fashion that I did. I've tried to update them to reflect what I ended up with (or the way I would do it "next time") so they are the result of my trying things, and in most cases updating it so it works better.

These drawings were made using my car as a pattern. Car-to-car variations may make alterations necessary, but I suspect that isn't the case. If you do make parts based on these, I would appreciate any feedback on how they worked.

I was hesitant to put the drawings on-line because I was worried about potential liability if you built the part and bad things happened as a result. But I will trust that you will hold me harmless from any liability in that case. You're on your own! All I know is that these parts have worked fine for me.

I posted these as a good will offering to help others be successful in building their own Z8. If you have the intent of making any of these parts commercially, contact me first.

Z8 Part Prints

Here's a list of many of the parts that I used, along with the part numbers and source of the part.

Z8 Parts List

Note: since I did the parts list, I've been told that the starter I used (M-11000-A50) is no longer available. However, the folks at Patriot say that the newer and more powerful Ford Motorsport M-11000-B51 will work as well. Also, Summit Racing says that a stock starter from a 1990 or later 5.0L Mustang will also work with the Patriot hugger headers.

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