A very valuable resource is the book Datsun Z Car V-8 Conversion Manual available from Stealth Conversions (also known as JTR for "Jags that Run.")

JTR V8 conversion manuals

The author, Mike Knell, covers a great deal of territory about V8 conversions in Z-cars, including chassis changes, differential changes, etc. Unfortunately, it's all about Chevy conversions (well, they did show a picture of a Lexus V8 conversion). When I called (they don't really answer their emails, such as they suggest in the book) to order stuff, Greg, Mike's brother, answers. I was told that Mike won't talk to you if it involves Ford conversions - so don't plan on any help from JTR except for information from the book and the parts they sell that are also applicable to Ford conversions. However, this book is well worth the money, no matter what type of Z-engine swap you are doing, or even for improving a car with the stock six.

Another excellent source is How to Restore Your Datsun Z-Car, by Wick Humble. When you are trying to figure out how to get something apart (or back together), it has a lot of answers for you:

How to Restore Your Datsun Z-Car: Books: Wick Humble

And of course, a standard service manual for the Z is necessary. I like the Clymer book made for the 240Z through '72. However, I don't think it's in print anymore. I found mine at a swap meet.

See this web site for a product I make (fallout from the Z8 project) that will allow most tachometers to work with most ignition systems, even if they weren't designed to work together.  Such as if the tach is designed for an engine with a different number of cylinders. I have also made an improved version of the motor cradle and transmission mount that I used for the Z8 available through this site.

TechnoVersions LLC

You will want to have a good source for parts. I purchased many of the parts from Summit Racing. I'm sure that if you're reading this, you already know about Summit, but here's the contact information:

Summit Racing

I sourced some of the parts from CarQuest since one is close and has a sympathetic manager who likes Ford small blocks, and was willing to spend time with me searching for odd parts.

Here's the shop I used to paint the Z8 - nice folks who did a quality job:

Accurate Lines Collision

I purchased a lot of the Datsun parts from Victoria British (now Black Dragon) at:

Black Dragon Automotive - Datsun 240Z, 260Z, 280Z, 280ZX Parts and Accessories

They are fine to work with, but I don't like the way that they charge for shipping by dollar purchase amount rather than what shipping really costs. I prefer to work with places where there is some correlation between what it costs to ship and what they charge you, rather than making shipping a profit-center, so if I could find parts elsewhere, I bought them there.

A good source for Panasport wheels is:

Spruell Motorsport, Inc.

If you need some west coast work done on a race car (vintage or current) or high performance street car, get in touch with Jim Froula at Racecraft. These guys are good!


For a wide variety of Z-parts, this is a good source:

The Z Store, a Datsun & Nissan Z & ZX source

For T-5 and Tremec drive train parts, and friendly telephone support with questions, this company in Nampa Idaho is good:

Modern Driveline - T5 / Tremec Transmission Conversion Specialists

Rod's Datsun (San Jose) is a great source for parts (I found my bumpers there), and Rod is a great guy to deal with. He has a lot of NOS parts still from buying out dealer stock many years ago:

Rods Datsun Parts

The Z-Barn is a good source for used parts:

Z Barn

Modern Motorsports Ltd., of Vancouver Canada is a source for performance oriented parts such as disk-brake conversion kits, and CV axle adapters for Z-cars. The owner, Ross, is very nice to deal with:

Modern Motorsports Ltd

You made it - congratulations! This is the last section of the Z8 conversion.