Conconully 2016 Trip Report



This marks the 29th year of this venture! Sounds like next year will require some additional celebration as its the big 3-0. Not that we can take any more celebration.





-       June 1 June 6, 2016

-       Weather: Warm! - in the 70-95 degree range with the no rain, but the typical breezy afternoons.

-       Attendees: Chief, Dave, Mike (6 days);  Brian, Mark, Fritz, LeeRoy, Randy (5 days); Ben, Zac, Peter, Jon (3 days); Killer (Mark) and Barry (visited a couple days)

-       Location: Liar's Cove, cabin 1 (five nights), Paul Bunyan (four nights) and cabin 2/Bill's Place (two nights)

-       Fishing: Good fishing, about 80% Kokanee with the Kokanee gear were using.. Most fish were in the 12"-13" range - a little larger than last year.

This year was another change. After last years move to Liar's Cove at the lower lake, we decided that fishing was more enjoyable on the upper lake. So each day we trailered our boats back and forth between the cabins and upper lake. Just hard to beat the beauty of it, plus the fishing seemed to be much better. Kevin is gone from the town now, and the Tamarac is converted to the Red Rock Saloon, run by Karen

Thanks to Zac, Peter and Ben for many of the following pictures.

Hwy 20 opened early again this year. It's one of the best roads in the USA in my opinion - and I've been on a lot of them. This picture, taken as Ben drives along, shows some of the beauty of the road.

Ross Dam

After our traditional stop at Three-Fingered-Jack's for lunch in Winthrop, next stop is Loup Loup for that first beer of the trip. Time to step up the relaxation.

The day before we came, I texted Dave at about the time they should have been at Loup Loup, and learned that his truck had an issue, so they went back to trade for Chief's truck. Slowed down the begining of the trip for them, but they made it with the loss of just a couple of hours. The big V10 in Chief's truck doesn't notice whether you're going over a mountain or not, or whether you are towing anything or not..


So, how was the fishing this year? In a word, great! Everyone was releasing the Rainbows in favor of Kokanees, and here's a sink full of them - nice fat fish in the 12-13" range. There were a couple hold-over Rainbows that were this large too.

Launching Boats

Here are Chief and Dave hard at it. Dave's boat almost looks like a commercial trolling boat at times, between all the lines and downriggers way out to the side. Great fishing scenery, as always, on the upper lake.

Nice Fish

Here's Randy with one on.


The Sit N Bull


You may find this hard to believe, but LeeRoy not only caught a lot of fish, his boat ran flawlessly during the trip.


Mark fished hard too, and pulled in some nice ones. Here he's examining his new catch on the deck of the boat.



The Sit N Bull


The Sit'N Bull still serves their good breakfasts. Notice how the left side of the table has a different idea of a breakfast beverage than the right side. That's OK, it was probably as late as 9:00, and we'd already been out fishing. Not sure if it was before or after Bloody Marys.


Smoking Fish

Nobody leaves here hungry. Somehow you can splurge like this, and being outdoors most of the time keeps it from requiring too many belt adjustments.

Smoking Fish

The Red Rock Saloon serves a good dinner, big improvement from the days when it was the Tamarac. Although we still miss Double-D's.


porch shot


Killer and Barry came and spent a couple evenings with us.

porch shot

Killer finds ways to stay relaxed...


porch shot


On Friday, the tempo picks up as the Gen-II set arrives. Peter and Zac came in one car, towing Fritz's boat, and Ben and Jon in another car. They stopped along to way to do some shooting.

porch shot

We did most of our eating in town, and there were more people than vehicles, so we had to car-pool. Nice to be in a place where you don't need to be looking over your shoulder all the time for police.


Going in to eat


The younger guys rented a party barge again. Zac reaches something between Ben's legs to steer it. Hmmmm.




As is our custom, the "boys" enjoyed some fine Margaritas!


porch shot

Maybe "enjoyed" is a relative term. Here's Peter after a big dose of Margaritas. He wasn't the only one down. But, the Chief failed to mention that he doubled up the tequila in one of the tubs. Two bottles instead of one.


porch shot


Zac wouldn't take advantage of this, or would he?


porch shot


Peter, Jon and Ben enjoying themselves.

porch shot

Many hours on these trips turn out to be porch time. Unbelievable range of topics...


porch shot

Peter and Fritz enjoying the cruise back from the fishing grounds at the end of the upper lake.


Dave with Kokanee fish

Zac, in his element. Only way to enjoy himself more is when there is sports-talk.

Zac in his element

The Gen-II set made a terrific dinner of pulled-pork sandwiches for us all on Friday night. Lots of good things to eat...

Of course evening fires were in order - here's Ben with kindling at the beginning, and Jon with, well, at the end, extinquishing it. Could be that he's just enjoying the fire though.


Fire Done


Ben won the big fish award. Here's the award presentation...



Somebody made the mistake of leaving a Kokanee in my shop refrigerator, so I scarfed that up, along with other scraps for materials to make this year's award. Next year it's Ben's turn again.



Epilog: When we loaded up, I ended up with a big jug of "Apple Pie," which I think Killer may have brought. On a trip back to the kitchen while unloading at home, Chris tells me that the jug of apple juice was way past it's expiration date, so she poured it out. Maybe that's for the best.


It was another wonderful Conconully year. Good eatin', good drinkin', good fishin', and a great group of guys!